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03:50 PM Yzis Bug #552 (New): Crash when using tnext and tprevious whitout tags.
:tnext and :tprevious commands crashes when there is no tags.
Here is a fix.
Arnaud Tanguy
02:26 PM Yzis Bug #489 (Closed): < ist incorrectly drawn as <LT>
Arnaud Tanguy


10:12 AM Yzis Bug #530: Edit file using :e ~/.....
Here is a possible fix. It seems it was just due to an oversight. Indeed, the function tildeExpand was created, but n... Arnaud Tanguy


02:31 PM Yzis Bug #530: Edit file using :e ~/.....
Oops, formatting problem...
The example was : ...
Arnaud Tanguy
02:29 PM Yzis Bug #530 (Closed): Edit file using :e ~/.....
It's impossible to use the "~" character to open files. This character represent /home/username on unix systems.
Arnaud Tanguy
12:36 PM Yzis Patch submission #529 (New): gf command created
I created the gf command. It opens the file which is under the cursor if it exists in the path.
I didn't wrote a lua...
Arnaud Tanguy


07:24 PM Yzis Bug #309: :help command not available
I created a simple man page for yzis. It does not contains a real documentation, just a presentation of Yzis (and mai... Arnaud Tanguy


06:23 PM Yzis Bug #509 (New): Keyboard shortcuts in insert mode
Hi, I just discovered a problem with keyboard shortcuts in insert mode.
I was just begining to implement the 0<C-d> f...
Arnaud Tanguy
07:54 AM Yzis Patch submission #507: % command created
I added the two lines
YCursor YModeCommand::percentCommand(const YMotionArgs &args, CmdState *state, MotionStick* ms...
Arnaud Tanguy


10:34 PM Yzis Patch submission #508: gm command created.
Here is the bundle, with the modification. Arnaud Tanguy

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