labs.freehackers.org hosts projects from the freehackers' team. See http://www.freehackers.org

Currently most of them are still private, either because they are close source and will remain so (yes, we do this kind of thing, too), or because they are not ready to be released to a wider audience.

Sources are handled by mercurial and are available at http://sources.freehackers.org

Latest projects

  • qxv (10/04/2010 12:06 AM)

    qxv is a basic image viewer, with an interface as close as possible to the old and unmaintained xv.

  • Emerge activity (12/02/2009 04:35 PM)

    Small utility that displays a graph showing how often and when you emerge stuff in Gentoo, using portage

  • Symia (11/18/2009 04:13 PM)

    Symia is a minimalist C++ library to perform symbolic calculus, released under the LGPL.
    As such it is meant to be used by (C++) developers. There's no graphical or textual user interface.

  • Zeta linux kernel (06/10/2009 02:17 AM)

    Port of the linux kernel to the Zeta platform (source repository).
    Sources are available at http://sources.freehackers.org/Zeta-linux/
    From this url, you can either use mercurial to clone the repository, get packages (zip, tgz, tar.bz2) or browse the source....

  • Colibri Mailing List Manager (02/28/2009 04:33 PM)

    Software for handling mailing lists, with a nice user-oriented web interface.