While trying this extension on several big projects, I found the results to be quite interesting and decided to put up this gallery. I'm using the following command line:

hg activity --splitauthors --maxauthors 6

on mercurial clones of those projects and display the result here. Yes, most of the time the mercurial repository is just a mirror and not the official source control used. This explains that for some of them, not the whole history is displayed.

warning : this is just for fun (expression copyright Linus Torvalds), I'm perfectly aware that the number of commits is a very bad indicator for development.

Position your mouse on a graph, and the tooltip will tell you which project this is.

Activity of linux

Activity of gcc

Activity of kdelibs

Activity of kdebase

Activity for the old python (<python3==py3k) repository

Activity of django

Activity for the repository holding future python 3 (py3k)

Activity for (gentoo's) portage

Activity of xemacs

Activity of xen (unstable)

Activity of octave

Activity of sage-main

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