Mercurial activity extension: Release 1.4

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 11 years ago

This is mostly a maintenance release, fixing few bugs. Other noticeable stuff includes:
  • it's now possible to provide a title
  • added lot of 'short-form' options
  • some options have changed, check your scripts
  • the wiki now has a documentation page describing integration with web interface and unit tests.

As usual, you can clone/update your repository, or download a tarball from the tab 'file', upthere.

qxv: 0.2 released

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 11 years ago

This release focuses on providing most 'viewer' features. The changelog is as follow:

  • selection using rubberband
  • cropping ('c')
  • auto-resize image when resizing the window
  • resizing with n, m, M, a and 4 keybindings
  • middle mouse button display information about the pixel under mouse
  • added files README and COPYING, as requested by packagers
  • usual bug fixes

PyTiCroque: PyTiCroque 0.7 est sorti

Added by Philippe Fremy almost 12 years ago

Les nouveautés de la 0.7 sont:

Adapatation à la guerre des FOU:
  • corrections des plantages dus aux nouvelles règles de guerre
  • notifications des dépots et déplacements des boites à pets
  • gestion du score syndical sous forme de valeur non entière
  • les parts de marchés sont maintenant des points de marché
Utilisation des nouvelles informations retournées par CroqueMonster:
  • notification des changement du classement MBL
  • notification des changement de ligue MBL
  • notification sur les variations du tas d'ordure

PyTiCroque: PyTiCroque 0.61 est sorti

Added by Philippe Fremy almost 12 years ago

Les nouveautés de la version 0.61, quelques corrections de bug:
  • les mises à jour de PyTiCroque n'étaient pas détectées correctement
  • lorsqu'on quitte et qu'on relance PyTiCroque, plus de notifications pour des items déjà fabriqués depuis longtemps.
  • correction du bug lorsqu'on fabrique des objets identiques

Colibri Mailing List Manager: Release of 1.0-alpha2

Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 12 years ago

This is now considered stable enough that all my lists are now hosted by Colibri. Main changes since apha1 are
  • bug fixes
  • people can now browse the list of subscribers when allowed to by the list config
  • mod_wsgi integration
  • added a README and an example of with documentation.

qxv: Annoucing qxv : release 0.1

Added by Thomas Capricelli about 12 years ago

Well... you know how it is, you get used to a tool, and even if some brand new software is now available, you keep on using this old stuff. In his case, i'm speaking of xv, whose last release was in 1994. It's still my default viewer for all image formats in my KDE/firefox/whatever settings.

So it's old, it's unmaintained, but there's something even worse : it's not Free Software. That's probably the reason nobody took off maintainance, by the way.

Because of all those reasons, most distributions do not ship it anymore, and that's a shame.

This project is about providing a key-to-key compatible image viewer, GPL, and maintained. Using a toolkit sush as Qt, it's not very difficult. The two main features are "Free Software" and "maintained". I use it everyday, trust me it will be maintained :-)

I'll also probably provide binaries for MacOS and Windows, because we basically have this for free thanks to Qt portability.

qxv is a single binary, and does not depend on any other files (despite, of course, dynamically linked libraries, whatever they are).

The 0.1 release provide those features (all present in xv)
  • create list of images from comand line
  • those keys are handled the same way as xv : space(next image), backspace(previous image), enter(reload current image), ","(shrink), "."(grow), "<"(shrink a lot), ">"(grow a lot), "t"(rotate clockwise), "T"(rotate counterclockwise), q(quit), h(horizontal flip), v(vertical flip)
  • basic control window (available by a right click on the main window)

You can get it from the "File" tab upthere, or using the mercurial repository if you know what this is.


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