Release 1.2

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 12 years ago

Some new features in this new release:

  • Don't go further than 'today' in the graph : this way the graph does not 'fade out' and give the impression that work has stopped on the project.
  • new option --display to display the graph instead of just creating a png file
  • new option --splitfiles that does the same as --splitauthors..... but on files, obviously :)
  • The activity extension will now work even if no display is present, so that you can create png on headless servers for example

Several bugs were fixed as well, most importantly the extension should now work a lot better under Windows.

I would like to thanks Frédéric MOULIN for several contributions, fixing bugs and implementing some of those features!

Check the wiki for more information, and feel free to report problems, bugs, and wishes on the tracker

Most of people prefer using a clone , but you can also get tarbarlls from the files tab.