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01:44 PM Yzis Patch submission #449 (Closed): "n|" going to Column n of the current line.
Once again, but this time it's updated with the new API.
All tests seem's to be done in the view.cpp file so there's...
David Gayou


08:36 PM Yzis Bug #441 (Closed): Decay between buffer line and screen line when a buffer line is superior to screen line size when resizing the windows.
When i resize the windows of my console where nyzis is running, the lines correctly update but not the following line... David Gayou


03:21 PM Yzis Bug #434 (Rejected): Some functions don't seem's to work in view.cpp
functions : gotoLineColumn, gotoLineColumnAndStick seem's to have no effects on the cursor.
That's probably the func...
David Gayou


06:13 PM Yzis Bug #421 (Closed): Yzis crash with arrow movement
Yzis crash while i use arrows movement in Insert mode (i haven't been able to crash it in commande mode).
It happend...
David Gayou


01:25 PM Yzis Bug #411 (Closed): Insertion mode and start of line, there's a decay of the cursor.
When you are in insertion mode and at the start of the line. the cursor don't correctly decay after the first charact... David Gayou


02:52 AM Yzis Bug #322 (New): End of lines AND "\n" character
Currently in Yzis, as far as i understood how stuff work. Lines of text can be got from a call of buffer->textline(in... David Gayou


11:09 AM Yzis Patch submission #318 (Closed): Screen Movement implementation "H", "L", "M"
Implementation of the commands "_n_H", "_n_L" and "_n_M", that move cursor to top, bottom, middle line of screen ( +_... David Gayou


11:46 PM Yzis Bug #317 (Assigned): tabulation and cursor position
I'm not completely sure it's a bug or even it's important. I just submit it to make it know and eventually classified... David Gayou
11:40 PM Yzis Patch submission #316 (Closed): "n|" movement command patch fixed
Implementation of the "n|" movement command that put cursor on the n column of the line.
*It has been previously s...
David Gayou
11:14 PM Yzis Bug #315 (Closed): Number of Columns Visible doesn't update after resizing a windows
The number of columns visible (mColumnsVis in YView) doesn't update after a windows get resized.
It works properly ...
David Gayou

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