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  • Colibri Mailing List Manager

    Software for handling mailing lists, with a nice user-oriented web interface.

  • Convex Processing

    This software is intended to help people play, understand and improve
    algorithms based on non linear optimization with convex constraints.

    Software related to Thomas Ph.D.

  • Django Redmine Admin

    This is a django application to browse and change the data in a redmine database.

  • Emerge activity

    Small utility that displays a graph showing how often and when you emerge stuff in Gentoo, using portage

  • Gentoo Dependencies Browser

    GentooDepBrowser is a graphic tool to help understand package dependencies in gentoo

  • Mercurial activity extension

    This extension for mercurial creates an image displaying the activity for the current repository. You can find screenshots on the wiki.

  • Opale

    Opale is the more simplistic personal bank account manager ever. It basically boils down to what is called bank reconciliation and previsions (or planning), with lot of graphics added.
    I use it to follow and check my bank accounts, but most importantly to clearly see what will happen, financially, in the next months/years. One could describe it as a financial planning manager....

  • Indent Finder

    IndentFinder helps you find the correct indentation of any source code and sets your editor accordingly.

  • Klotski

    Klotski is a small brick game that you could find a long time ago on windows.

  • Pretty Make

    PrettyMake is a program to beautify your make output.

  • Python Mesh Viewer

    Python Mesh Viewer is a very basic tool to display and play with 3D models. You can either construct them in the code (by defining points, triangles, and quads) or load them from a file. The rendering is done with absolutely no hardware acceleration (no OpenGL)....

  • PyTiCroque

    PyTiCroque is a software to interface with .

    PyTiCroque est un logiciel accédant au portail

  • Qomics

    Qomics is a comics strips collection manager.
    It will manage your collection, series, loans, shopping list, latest and next out...

    Each comic strip will have a detailled description with covers, links to reviews, etc...

  • qxv

    qxv is a basic image viewer, with an interface as close as possible to the old and unmaintained xv.

  • Symia

    Symia is a minimalist C++ library to perform symbolic calculus, released under the LGPL.
    As such it is meant to be used by (C++) developers. There's no graphical or textual user interface.

  • Vim Wrapper

    VimWrapper is a set of python files to control vim from a remote window using the Netbeans interface.

  • Yzis

    Yzis a vi-like editor inspired by vim. Yzis aims to be a powerful, fast editor with all of Vim's features and hopefully, at some point, more.
    In Yzis, the core editing engine is placed in a library that does not depend on any GUI library. On top of it, GUI frontends are developed. The goal is to make vi-like editing capabilities available to many graphical applications....

  • Zeta Platform

    Zeta is the name of a virtual platform, or architecture.
    There are specifications (see the handbook), and a basic, not-yet-optimised emulator (cpu, ram, clock, mainboard). The architecture is simple, barely having the minimum needed to run linux with MMU. ...

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