Zeta gcc tests Howto

gcc uses dejagnu as testing framework, be sure to have this software installed before going any further.

To start the tests, you need to install an additional package named gcc-testsuite-4.x.y.tar.bz2, that you can find on any gnu/gcc mirror. The gcc/ dir in zeta is actually the package released by the gcc team under the name gcc-core-* (patched for zeta, of course). The testsuite package contains a directory 'testsuite' that you need to put as zeta/gcc/gcc/testsuite. Then, you need to start the tests with :

 cd zeta/bgcc # standard build dir for gcc in zeta
 make -k check-gcc RUNTESTFLAGS="-v" 

The -k is to keep on testing if some tests fail. the -v is to have some (verbose) report. You can remove it(less verbose) or write it twice("-v -v") for more verbosity.


july 11th, 2007

Running zeta from svn (0.6pre) with binutils 2.17, gcc 4.1.2

(host : amd64/gentoo, gcc-4.0.3, binutils-2.17)

  # of expected passes            22623
  # of unexpected failures        7407
  # of unexpected successes       1
  # of expected failures          75
  # of unresolved testcases       6719
  # of untested testcases         42
  # of unsupported tests          373

july 27th, 2006

Running zeta from svn (0.4?) with binutils 2.14, gcc 4.0.2

(Host: amd64/gentoo with binutils?, gcc?)

  # of expected passes            18294
  # of unexpected failures        8591
  # of unexpected successes       1
  # of expected failures          67
  # of unresolved testcases       6272
  # of untested testcases         35
  # of unsupported tests          587

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