Zeta platform 0.7 released

Added by Thomas Capricelli about 13 years ago

It has been long since the last formal release for Zeta, although work has been done. This release features updated toolchain (binutils, gcc) and kernel. Most of the work has focused on the kernel, which can now boot until several threads are started, which is still messy and make the kernel crash.

Updated external tools versions are as follow:
  • binutils 2.20
  • gcc 4.4.0
  • linux kernel 2.6.32-rc8

Note for those using the mercurial repositories : the corresponding tag in the four components is ZETA_RELEASE_0_7

You can download the snapshots from the file tab at the top of the page, but most people interested in zeta will probably use the mercurial repositories (see the wiki page for more information).

Mercurial repository for zeta linux kernel now available

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 13 years ago

Until now the source code for the zeta port of the linux kernel was still using subversion. I've just moved it to mercurial and made it available through freehackers mercurial server

Other parts of Zeta (binutils port, GCC port and the emulator/documentation project) were already available through mercurial. This means that now every part of Zeta is consistently using mercurial.

While doing so i've also fixed some problems when using a recent Zeta compiler (based on gcc-4.4.0) so that this kernel will actually compile and boot using the latest Zeta toolchain.


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