Howto "updating gcc"

  • extract the new gcc somewhere
    cd ~/tmp; tar xjf ~/gcc-core-x.x.x.tar.bz2
  • have a clean clone of zeta-gcc, positionned on the 'vendor' branch. Best way is to just clone it.
    hg up -r vendor
    hg st # should output nothing
  • update the gcc source
    rm * -Rf
    cp -a ~/tmp/gcc-core-x.x.x/* .
    hg addremove
    hg ci # "gcc-x.x.x" as comment
  • go back to the main branch
    hg up -r default
  • merge
    hg merge -r vendor # and fix problems if any
  • test compilation
    make re # use our own top Makefile
  • test (from the main zeta repository)
    cd ......../zeta/tests
    make re
  • commit
    hg ci # "merge with vendor (gcc-x.x.x)"

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