Quick howto for installing zeta-binutils

Get the source

Either grab a tarball or make a mercurial clone

Compile and install

(make sure /opt/zeta is writable by the user running this)

zeta.binutils$ make install


/opt/zeta/bin/zeta-unknown-linux-ld -v


See the '''tests''' part in the Zeta handbook.

Howto for updating vendor source for binutils

  • extract relevant binutils somewhere
    cd ~/tmp;
    tar xjvf /usr/portage/distfiles//binutils-2.21.tar.bz2
    tar xjvf /usr/portage/distfiles//binutils-2.22.tar.bz2
  • create a diff
    diff -urN binutils-2.21 binutils-2.22 > binutils-2.21-2.22.diff
  • have a clean clone of zeta-binutils, positionned on the 'tip' (last change). Best way to reach this is to make a fresh clone.
    hg clone zeta.binutils zeta.binutils.updatevendor; cd zeta.binutils.updatevendor
  • apply patch
    patch -p1 < ~/tmp/binutils-2.21-2.22.diff
  • Fix conflicts (the hard part).
    find -name '*.rej'
  • addremove stuff
    find -name '*.rej' -o -name '*.diff' -o -name '*.orig' # clean stuff
    hg addremove
  • test compilation
    make re
  • test more (from the main zeta repository)
    cd ......../zeta/tests
    make re
  • commit
    hg ci -m "merge with binutils-2.22"
Few notes on fixing conflicts
  • are generated from You'll often have a conflict on several of them... just resolve the pb for the most inner one. To regenerate use 'automake'. Use a version of automake as close as the one specified on the (new) Gentoo handle well having several versions of autotools.

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