0.3 release brings few enhancements

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 12 years ago

  • More functions were added : cosh, sinh, tanh, acos, asin, atan, acosh, asinh, atanh, erf, log10.
  • There's now a method to get the list of all known functions
The library compiles and all tests pass at least on the following platforms:
  • Windows - Visual C++ 9 / 2008 (Express Edition)
  • Linux - ICC (intel c/c++ compiler) 11.1 20100414
  • Linux - gcc (gcc 4.5.0)
  • Linux - clang (llvm/clang svn as of june 18th, 2010)

Announcing symia 0.1

Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 13 years ago

Most of free software related to symbolic calculus is focused on providing a human interface, with emphasis on expression simplification and exhaustive algorithms and formulas.
Very few can be used as a libraray, with a clear and documented API. Even less use C++, and none is licensed as LGPL

Symia (short for "symbolia") fills this gap. It was developed for industrial needs, and is released by Sylphide Consulting in the hope it could be useful to others.

Examples of what can be done is provided on the web page


    Also available in: Atom