Python Mesh Viewer is a very basic tool to display, and play with, 3D models, also known as meshes. The author is Thomas Capricelli

Models can be
  • one of several included examples in code (mostly classical polyhedra)
  • constructed from code (defining points, triangles and quads)
  • loaded from a ".mesh" file

Currently the only file format supported is the undocumented ".mesh" format from the closed source software medit. Yes, this is a shame, and I barely dare admit it here, but those files were just easily available in the research laboratory where I once worked. This should be easy to add support for any other (documented) format, though.

The rendering is done with absolutely no hardware acceleration (no opengl). The idea is a kind of academic demonstration of how to render a mesh object.

Although it only has been tested under linux so far, it should work on any platform supported by Qt and by PyQt most notably MS Windows, Mac OS X and most unices like linux or the BSDs.

  1. User documentation
  2. More Screenshots
  3. Technologies
  4. Design
  5. Get the code
  6. Mesh file examples

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