Opale uses the Qt system for translations. This way this can be made to work in both the Qt-only version and the KDE-aware version.

  • A script (translations/maketrans) will gather the strings from the source code and update the *.ts files
  • *.ts files are the files that need to be edited by translators, using Qt Linguist. This is the same as *.po in the gettext system.
  • the build system will translate that into *.qm files which contains the same thing in efficient/binary form. (called *.mo with gettext).

How to update a translation ?

You probably want a whole checkout of the source files, as Linguist has the nice feature of showing a contextual window that displays the part of code where the string was found.

How to start the translation for a new language ?

  • Keep in touch with me
  • I will give you an empty file for the new language. You can then follow the same workflow as 'update'.

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