2.1 released, with minor fixes

Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 9 years ago

Fix several bugs, such as
  • the png file was created even in "qt mode". It is no more.
  • slightly changed the convolution function to get smoother graphs

As usual (see main page/wiki), to get the software you can either clone the mercurial repository or download a release tarball from the 'File' tab.

Release 1.0 for EmergeActivity

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 12 years ago

EmergeActivity is a small script based on python and matplotlib that creates an image displaying emerge successes over time. See the wiki for more information and screenshots.
It now has been tested/used for one year and is released as such.

If you now what source control and 'mercurial' are, you can clone the repository from the repository, else you can download the script here :


    Also available in: Atom