DjangoRedmineAdmin is a small django application whose models have been created to be compatible with the database structure created and used by redmine. You can hence browse the database through django admin/ site and/or provide django-powered dynamic pages on top of this data.

It is written by Thomas Capricelli.



The current code is written for django 1.3, and is compatible with database schemas for redmine 1.2.1. Though untested, it probably works well with ChiliProject

Code availability

The source is hosted as a mercurial repository at
From this url you can
  • clone the repository to your computer by using
  • download tarballs from the top
  • browse the source code

Using the unix command line, cloning looks like:

hg clone


You usually want to do that on a copy of the database, not the one in production, because several new tables will be created by Django to provide the admin features.

Basically it goes like
  1. Configure the database in
  2. start ./ syncdb to create django stuff in it, most importantly your admin account
  3. start the development server ./ runserver
  4. connect to the admin site http://localhost:8000/admin/
  5. browse..

If the database is sqlite3, the obvious way is to bring a copy of the file at the root of DjangoRedmineAdmin and configure to use it.
If the database is Mysql, my favourite way of doing is copying the database 'xxx' to xxx_django or xxx_dra and configure to use this one. Be very careful about this and do not use DjangoRedmineAdmin on your main database.

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