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 Colibri is a "free software": used to handle mailing lists. It does the same task as "GNU mailman": or "majordomo":, but in a somewhat more modern way. 

 h1. Colibri for users user of mailing lists 

 Documentation for users 

 h1. Colibri for system administrators 

 Colibri is written 

 Notes about installing colibri on "python": and is based on the "django": "ORM": This means you'll need python and "django": on the a server. 

 You do not need to use the web front-end, but if you do, you'll need some way to make your web browser execute python code (typically using "mod_python":, but there numerous other ways). 

 Here are the detailed notes about [[installing colibri]]. 

 h1. Colibri for developers 

 Colibri is written in "python":, and makes heavy use of both django "ORM": and the "email package": of python. 

 The web interface is made on top of written in "django": 

 Colibri is tested against python 2.5 and 2.6. The compatibility with python 3.0 has not been checked yet.