Release of 1.0-beta1

Added by Thomas Capricelli about 11 years ago

Changes since alpha3 include
  • more checks when the daemon starts
  • switch to django 1.3
  • switch to 'userlessname' django application instead of home-made hacks for email-based login
  • switch to ckeditor instead of buggy tinymce
  • default robots.txt and favicon.ico are now provided

Release of 1.0-alpha2

Added by Thomas Capricelli about 12 years ago

This is now considered stable enough that all my lists are now hosted by Colibri. Main changes since apha1 are
  • bug fixes
  • people can now browse the list of subscribers when allowed to by the list config
  • mod_wsgi integration
  • added a README and an example of with documentation.

    Also available in: Atom