Mercurial activity extension: Release 1.0 for the mercurial 'activity' extension

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 13 years ago

Some time have passed since the initial announcement, and the extension have been tested in enough different environement. Several bug were fixed as a result, and now I can make the first official release. It has been tested using different versions of mercurial, and several versions of matplotlib.

See the wiki for information about using it, and the files tab to get the extension.

Feel free to report problems, bugs, and wishes on the tracker

Opale: First release candidate for Opale 1.0

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 13 years ago

Opale is now considered feature-complete and is heading toward 1.0. The aim of this first release candidate is to fix translations and to iron the last bugs out, please test and report here on our bugtracker.

Yzis: hosting change / mailing lists closed / forum opened

Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 14 years ago

Some of you reported about problems accessing and/or the old trac site. Those times are hopefully over, we are changing the hosting of, and I take the opportunity to do something i've been willing to do for long: the mailing lists are boring to maintain (we get spam that need to be moderated), and not used very much anyway. So I close them, and I open forums on our redmine project :

To replace yzis-announce, the 'news' from the redmine site is used :
and the RSS is


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