Symia: Announcing symia 0.1

Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 13 years ago

Most of free software related to symbolic calculus is focused on providing a human interface, with emphasis on expression simplification and exhaustive algorithms and formulas.
Very few can be used as a libraray, with a clear and documented API. Even less use C++, and none is licensed as LGPL

Symia (short for "symbolia") fills this gap. It was developed for industrial needs, and is released by Sylphide Consulting in the hope it could be useful to others.

Examples of what can be done is provided on the web page

Zeta Platform: Pre-compiled kernel for Zeta

Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 13 years ago

I've added a pre-compiled kernel to the the File tab: you can use this file with the emulator. This way people can play with Zeta without the need of compiling binutils, gcc and finally cross-compiling the kernel with those tools. See the wiki for more information.

Zeta Platform: Zeta platform 0.7 released

Added by Thomas Capricelli about 13 years ago

It has been long since the last formal release for Zeta, although work has been done. This release features updated toolchain (binutils, gcc) and kernel. Most of the work has focused on the kernel, which can now boot until several threads are started, which is still messy and make the kernel crash.

Updated external tools versions are as follow:
  • binutils 2.20
  • gcc 4.4.0
  • linux kernel 2.6.32-rc8

Note for those using the mercurial repositories : the corresponding tag in the four components is ZETA_RELEASE_0_7

You can download the snapshots from the file tab at the top of the page, but most people interested in zeta will probably use the mercurial repositories (see the wiki page for more information).

Opale: Final release for Opale 1.0

Added by Thomas Capricelli about 13 years ago

Some last-minute bugs were fixed for this release, but most of the work has focused on testing that Opale compiles and installs fine on different OSes (Windows, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora, OpenSuse).

Opale: Third release candidate for Opale 1.0

Added by Thomas Capricelli about 13 years ago

This release fixes all known issues (especially under windows). This will probably be the final 1.0, until some important bug is found (and fixed). I'm still hoping to get a new icon for 1.0 too. If someone is willing to help for this, please contact me

PyTiCroque: PyTiCroque 0.41 dans les bacs

Added by Philippe Fremy over 13 years ago

Corrections de bugs et légères améliorations:

  • ajout du racourci Ctrl-X pour fermer PyTiCroque
  • fermer la fenêtre ne quitte plus PyTiCroque, il faut utiliser le menu dans la barre des miniatures ou le racourci clavier
  • suppression du bouton "minimiser"
  • les messages à propos GrosMiam font mieux la différence entre le fait que GrosMiam soit sur le tas et le fait que GrosMiam aie commencé à manger
  • deux messages ne peuvent plus se recouvrir, il y a maintenant un délai minimum entre deux messages

PyTiCroque: PyTiCroque 0.4 dans les bacs

Added by Philippe Fremy over 13 years ago

Nouvelles fonctions syndicales:
  • notification des variations des points de guerre pour le syndicat
  • notification des gains d'influence pour le syndicat
  • notification des gains de Co2
Fonctions paradoxale:
  • notification quand le contrat paradoxal est prêt
Changements internes:
  • gère correctement les fuseaux horaires autres que ceux de MotionTwin
  • plus de tests unitaires
  • plus de tests automatisés
  • nouveau paramètres de ligne de commande: --config --autosimu

Mercurial activity extension: Release 1.1 for the mercurial 'activity' extension

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 13 years ago

Another formal release for the activity extension.

  • --exclude option for authors (David Champion)
  • aliases support for authors (Thomas Capricelli, Alexander Solovyov)
  • a new option to skip merge commits (Matthew Wild)
  • option to use the number of lines changed instead of the number of commits (Thomas Capricelli)
  • optionally display tags (Thomas Capricelli)
  • overall cleaning and bug fixing

Check the wiki for more information.

Most of people prefer using a clone , but you can also get tarbarlls from the files tab.

Feel free to report problems, bugs, and wishes on the tracker


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