Version 3.0 released

Added by Thomas Capricelli about 2 months ago

Lots has happened, but i didn't care releasing/tagging. Until now.

  • I added a new solid: truncated icosahedron (soccer ball)
  • introduced 'wireframe' mode, where faces aren't displayed. You can see through.
  • switch tetrahedron frequencies from 2&4 to 4&8, they are more beautiful.
Dependencies (with help of contributor Fran├žois Kany, thanks!):
  • updated to (and now requires) python 3
  • updated to (and now requires) (py)Qt 5

Less visible, but there were the usual code factorization and bug fixes. The too common "Sphere" was renamed to the more accurate UVSphere

I wont release tarballs/zip files. The code is available at the usual place. There are links to such tarballs/zip under the download button at top-right of the tag page