Python Mesh Viewer: Version 3.0 released

Added by Thomas Capricelli 2 months ago

Lots has happened, but i didn't care releasing/tagging. Until now.

  • I added a new solid: truncated icosahedron (soccer ball)
  • introduced 'wireframe' mode, where faces aren't displayed. You can see through.
  • switch tetrahedron frequencies from 2&4 to 4&8, they are more beautiful.
Dependencies (with help of contributor François Kany, thanks!):
  • updated to (and now requires) python 3
  • updated to (and now requires) (py)Qt 5

Less visible, but there were the usual code factorization and bug fixes. The too common "Sphere" was renamed to the more accurate UVSphere

I wont release tarballs/zip files. The code is available at the usual place. There are links to such tarballs/zip under the download button at top-right of the tag page

Mercurial activity extension: Release 4.1

Added by Thomas Capricelli 4 months ago

This release fixes several minor bugs, and one important, that could make the plugin crash on startup with recent Qt python bindings.

Feature-wise, two small points:
  • it's now possible to have more that 5 items in 'splitted' modes (by authors/files, ..)
  • there are two new items in the "time range" menu: "last 3 years", and "last 10 years".

Most people have a clone which they can just update, but for those oldschool, I've put the usual tarballs on the 'file' tab, up-there.

Emerge activity: 4.1 released

Added by Thomas Capricelli 4 months ago

Only one fix there, even smaller that a one-liner: only char, removed, but worth a release imho. The application would crash on startup in qt mode otherwise. This is due (presumably) to a recent change in python Qt binding.

As usual, you can either clone/update from the mercurial repository, or download a tarball. Check the tabs up-there for both solutions.

Mercurial activity extension: Release 4.0

Added by Thomas Capricelli almost 3 years ago

At last python 2.7 is discontinued and the whole world has moved to p3k.

Or has it ?? Mercurial core is barely ported to p3k, and as an extension, it's hard to deal with it. But we have to move forward nonetheless.

From now on, this extension will only be tested with python 3 (currently testing with 3.6 and 3.7).

Other changes are the standard bug fixes and adaptation to upstream API changes, most notably matplotlib.

Most people have a clone which they can just update, but for those oldschool, I've put the usual tarballs on the 'file' tab, up-there.

Mercurial activity extension: Release 3.0

Added by Thomas Capricelli over 4 years ago

Two main changes for this version :
  • porting to make it work with mercurial 4.7. As a result, at least mercurial 4.6 is required. Otherwise, please use hgactivity-2.4
  • porting to PyQt5, (py)Qt4 has been obsolete for long now

As usual, you can clone/update your repository, or download a tarball from the 'file' tab, up-there.


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